Big Dreams and Action Plans

Surfaces I, 2018, 12"x12", Acrylic on Panel

Surfaces I, 2018, 12"x12", Acrylic on Panel

I’ve abandoned the word “goals” this year and replaced it with “big dreams” and “action plans”. After years of setting goals, the word feels meaningless and passive now. But big dreams and action plans, now that’s something I can sink my teeth into.

I spent quite a bit of time in November and December thinking about what I want to accomplish in this next chapter of my life. As I was making my list of lifetime accomplishments, many of which I’d been told I would never accomplish, I realized somewhere along the way I lost the ability to believe in myself. I’m not sure when it happened or why it happened. But happen it did.

It’s time to reclaim that power, so my word-of-the year for 2018 is “Believe”.

I started my planning for 2018 by creating my list of big dreams. Simple, right? Um, not so much. My natural inclination when creating the list was to immediately drop into planning mode. Why put it on the list if I couldn’t see how to get there? I had to force myself to step away from that mindset of having to know how something is going to happen. And that’s where believing in myself and my ability to accomplish my big dreams comes in. I have to believe it’s enough to put what I want out into the Universe and trust that it will happen in its own time. That doesn’t mean I spend all day binge-watching Netflix and drinking tea. I still have to show up, do the work, and be open to the opportunities that come my way. But I don’t have to “just do it” and obsessively push to “make things happen”.

I’ve learned there’s power in holding your dreams close, nurturing them, and giving them time to take root. So, I won’t be sharing my big dreams and action plans publicly this year. It’s enough to share them with my coaches, my mastermind groups, and Emily, my accountability partner.

2018 is a 2 year in numerology. A year symbolizing a slow journey of connection, patience, attention to detail, building and nurturing relationships, cooperation, correct timing, and gradual progress. A year of slowing down, accepting that my dreams are dependent on other factors that have to happen before I can proceed, and not pushing for results.

So, welcome 2018. I know we’re going to do great things together.