My Marketing Manifesto


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, eNewsletters... Have you ever asked yourself how much of the information you see on a daily basis is useful to you? Do you just scroll past the postings? Automatically hit “delete”? Save it to read later? This is the one I’m guilty of. In my world, later never comes.

Sending an eNewsletter each week, month, or quarter when you don’t have compelling content because someone told you to in order to keep your list “warm”? I’m saying “no”.

Then there’s the expectation we should be promoting our fabulous lives and businesses on every social media platform every day, gathering comments and likes to validate our accomplishments, or in some cases what we had for lunch, to thousands of “friends” and “followers”, most of whom we don’t even know. And probably wouldn’t care to know in real life. We’re always going to be at the mercy of random algorithm changes that can have a significant impact on our businesses, so what percentage of our time and efforts should we be spending on social media? This is a tricky one.

I’ve decided less is more when it comes to my online life this year. I’ve deleted my Pinterest, Twitter, and SnapChat accounts. I’ve unfriended almost 2,000 people, unfollowed almost 1,000 pages, dropped out of most of the Groups I was in, and tightened up my filters on Facebook. “On This Day” has become an extremely useful tool as I clean up previous years’ postings. All of this has made a huge difference in my online experience. Now I can see all of the beautiful artwork I’ve been missing because it was getting lost in the marketing pitches, the negativity, and the ranting and raving about politics and the state of the world.

Unless you’re producing a really amazing eNewsletter, I’m unsubscribing. Don’t just send me an announcement of a sale you’re having, a list of workshops you’re teaching, or a list of shows you’re in. Tell me about your creative process and the inspiration for your work. I don’t want to be marketed to. I want to know more about you as an artist. That’s what impels me to support you as an artist and buy your art.

We’re going to continue to see huge shifts in the social media platforms this year. So, I’m focusing my time on the platforms I have complete control over, my website and blog, with Instagram being my primary social media outlet.

After all the years of mastermind groups and coaching, I guess I’m rebelling in some ways. I don’t want to follow formulas and do what everyone else is doing. I want my marketing to be authentic to who I am. And who I am is someone who has never fit in and followed the crowd.