Everything is changing this year in unexpected ways…

…How I show up in the world
……What I want to accomplish with the rest of my life, aka my “Big Dreams”
………My daily routine
…………The people I surround myself with
……………My mentors and the people I take advice from
………………My art
……………......How I want to build my art business

“If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it”. A much-needed reminder from an artist friend over lunch at The Kitchen last month as I was whinging about the fact I was scheduled to attend a retreat that I was really dreading. I had registered and paid for it, therefore I should go. I had fallen into a “should” trap without realizing it.

And as soon as I made the decision not to attend, a great new opportunity arrived. A reminder to leave space open in life for the opportunities, experiences, and relationships I want to come in.



The rhythm of my studio practice has changed recently. I discovered I’m much more creative and productive first thing in the morning so I’m in the studio by 5:00 am each day now. I love the quiet of the early morning hours when I can open all of the windows and the only sounds I hear are the coyotes singing. My paintings are still evolving as I continue to experiment and explore but I’m feeling at ease with my process and the direction they’re taking.

I’m continuing to focus on networking and building relationships in my marketing. Talking to people, not at them. I’m out and about at the gallery openings each week seeing what’s new in the Santa Fe art world and meeting new people. And now that I’ve taken a break from blog posts, newsletters, and social media since the beginning of the year, it feels like it’s time to start connecting online again. And It’s time to start thinking about refreshing my website and all of the supporting projects – messaging, branding, photography – that go along with it.